Get your gym-like results without stepping foot in one.

The Original Younix Cable Rack Machine is your complete home gym in just 5 square meters.

Watch the video now to find out how to transform your body into what you've always wanted, in the comfort of your own home.


Are you happy with your body?

A study by the Chapman University, USA, published on NBC news shows that only 20% of respondents feel satisfied with their physical appearance, while the remaining 80% are not at all.

By now you are tired of continuing to hit the gym without seeing results, and you do not even want to continue training at home with improvised solutions, without concrete guidance, risking injury and being left with that bitter feeling that nothing has changed.

Many people rely on a € 99 tool or on apparently performing but low-cost multifunction equipment, created to NOT last.

What you spend is directly proportional to the level of benefit you will get. On the other hand, just look in the mirror to understand where the choices made to date have led you.

To get effective and visible results for all you need to do squats, bench press, row, overhead presses, dynamic and ballistic movements, bilateral and unilateral. You have to vary the load from light to heavy as well as adjust the speed of the movement.

"but how can I do it alone, at home?"

It combines free weights with unlimited cable exercises to get the best strength-building tools that can fit into any room at your home.

A single machine, 1.000 exercises

The Cable Rack replicates most gym equipment in a single machine shipped and assembled by us at your home in a maximum footprint of only 132 x 74cm.

Minimal Space

With only 132 x 74 cm, the machine takes up less than 1 square meter when not in use making it the smallest complete training machine in the world.

Shipping included

The entire bundle will be delivered by two of our workers directly to your home and nothing is due since shipment is for free.

Mounting included

The same two workers that deliver the products to your home will install the entire bundle for free taking away the installing waste.

Is there a training plan for me?

Of course! You will have access to a 12-week step-by-step training system, which can be performed by everyone, and you will get simple strategies and tips to get eating habits in order and optimize your recovery


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and start changing your life forever!


Are there also other solutions to be able to change your body at home?


BODYWEIGHT and small tools

An occasional bodyweight workout can be a fun challenge and a cut to the monotony, but if the goal is to transform your body into what you've always wanted then both bodyweight training and little tools are not suitable and capable of stimulating a change that makes you speechless.


There are also those who choose very bulky and poor equipment such as racks, benches and multifunction machines with a myriad of accessories that in the end offer a bad training experience and tend to break often and above all to be unsafe. Almost all the fitness shops produce in CHINA and they have accustomed us to having things that look "similar" but not the same. you will quickly realize you have made yet another wrong choice.


A design product, given its simplicity, will never be able to create the necessary training stimuli for a real change in your body. They typically only use a single training modality and focus on the digital experience. They are often unnecessarily expensive, perhaps they are not ideal for building the physique of your dreams but excellent as an excuse for not having achieved the result yet.

The real question is....

...are you looking for a piece of equipment or a Solution?

It is not a competition to see who is cooler, who has more accessories or who is smarter by spending less. It is a competition with yourself that you have lost until now. And the sooner you will be aware of it and the sooner you will understand that...

...the Solution does not reside in a magical tool but in:

  • a complete system that combines training
  • professional equipment
  • lifestyle improvement

In fact, the Cable Rack bundle was born from a real personal need to regain my physical shape, which was now lost due to a motorcycle accident that forced me to be in a wheelchair for three months.

The difference was to go from this condition... this condition...

...within 12 months of continuous training performed only and exclusively on the Cable Rack in the comfort of my home.

Ok but, who am I?

I'm Umberto Avino, founder of Younix. For more than ten years, my mission has been to help people improve their physical shape by creating revolutionary equipment designed and manufactured in Italy, supported with old school training methods that have been proven to work for decades.

I've helped more than 1.5000 entrepreneurs to open their gyms and my companies have served more than 15.000 customers including personal trainers, military, physiotherapists, sport centers and coaches.

I've estimated than more than 1 million people now train regularly with my equipment in over 50 countries worldwide. ... Among my customer II have Gold's Gym, UFC Gym, Under Armour, Police e Armed Forces.

What they say about us

Read what our satisfied customers say about us. Each of them has its own story, needs and goals. Men, women, adults and very young people or even entire families train with the Cable Rack from the comfort of home following the training program designed to transform your body in 12 weeks.

"I had never thought of having an entire gym in 5 square meters that would work perfectly for me. Up to now I have been able to create over 50 different exercises to be performed super safely"

- Stefan (Sparr, BE), Manager

"The Cable Rack bundle saved me the purchase of 3 machines because I have everything at my fingertips with this unique package and all in a small corner of my home. I don't need anything else."

- Michele La Mura (Napoli, IT), Biologist

"I finally managed to install really professional equipment even better than the gym I attended before! I finally train at home and I can't believe the results I'm getting."

- George Peeters (Bruxelles, BE), Business Accountant

Is this machine really safe or could I end up with an overpriced Chinese-like made in Italy tool?

Almost all manufacturers or importers of sports equipment focus on aesthetics and functionality , but hardly anyone places the same emphasis on seeking the safety of their customers as Younix does. Those who buy a Made in Italy product know first of all to pay more for it but not only for the higher production costs but above all for the frantic search to create a product of excellence that encompasses aesthetics, functionality and safety in order to last forever.


CE marking for high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

I worked closely with the Department of Sports Sciences of the University of Naples where we designed the machine passing through rigorous instrumental tests of the equipment and materials to then get the famous CE marking “UNI EN ISO 20957-1:2013" by complying with all the obligations of safety guarantee which could risk the user's safety.

Certification and Safety test by TUV Rheinland, GERMANY

The attention to the customer is not only about good customer care but above all by creating safe machines to regularly train on. Obtaining TUV certification was not easy and we had to comply with countless safety requirements and leak tests on every component of the machine to ensure that the product is able to withstand its intended use and possible misuse.

PAINT ARMOUR: Pulizia e igiene 24 ore al giorno 7 giorni su 7

Finally we treated the machine with our special Paint Armor paint, the first antimicrobial paint that inhibits the proliferation of microbes on your equipment, permanently keeping away the development of stains, unpleasant odors, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to health that affect the aesthetics, durability and hygiene of your Cable Rack.

Our customers love us

"I recommend Younix, without a doubt. The perceived quality is very high: painting, pro look, but above all, their products inspire confidence during the toughest exercises, which is simply priceless."

- Amedeo Brunetti (Portici, IT), Gym Owner

"If you are looking around for a complete package like the Younix Cable Rack, I don't think you will find it at all. To find something slightly similar you are forced to spend a lot more. But believe me, even famous and very popular brands (I don't name a famous Italian company ...) often sin for quality and assistance. With a similar price to what you can spend on other sites, from Younix you take home a piece of equipment designed to last a long time in the context of commercial gyms! "

- Billy Willy (Auxerre, FR), Personal Trainer

"The 6 products of the bundle have an unmatchable perceived quality and beauty but the 12-week program is what really helped me get back in shape. I feel like another person now, couldn't be happier of my drastic choice to definitely leave the gym."

- Andrea Ingrao (Nizza Monferrato, AT), Fitness Consultant

"This package is something that can truly change your life. It arrived within the set time and the Younix customer care has overwhelmed me for the effectiveness and the care it puts towards its customers. Younix has become a Guarantee for me. I'm looking forward to buying the rest of the accessories! "

- Guillaume Guillou (Hyéres, FR), Fitness Business Man

"Getting in the best shape of my life in the peace of my home is priceless. From the first day I installed it, I meticulously followed the 12-week training program: simple, straightforward and easy to understand. I feel much more confident now. Thanks Younix !!! "

- Giovanna (Napoli, IT), Fitness Business Woman

"If you've always tried to do it alone, you can't understand what you're missing. I don't know mechanics and I can't say much about the equipment but I can say that is simply super cool. The fluidity of the movements and the ease of switching between one exercise after another allows you to follow the program perfectly and get back in shape in the comfort of your home."

- Marine (Lescar, FR)

So when a tool similar to the Cable Rack seems to cost half or even a third ... well ... I would ask myself a question, don't you think?

Your dream does not deserve to be crushed by bad choices, unsuitable tools and improvised training programs but you need the GUARANTEE of the result that only Younix is able to give you right now.

But how much does this incredible solution cost?




Easy to ship, modular with customization options to fit in any room, You can now eciently train for strength, power, speed or build muscle, all on one machine.



Longboard wheels, luxury leather, double pad comfort system, aluminium parts, are just some of the extras you won't find in any other bench on the market.



The pro bar comes directly from the competition and it is tested for 2.000kg, firm and non-abrasive grip, no rust finish, smooth & safe spin.


With the same diameter as certified bumper plate at the olympics, these plates are designed to be safely dropped from any height. Odorless, durable, dead bounce, smooth finish.



Ground mine is one of the most versatile and eective piece of equipment for increasing functional strength and enhancing athletic performance.




Adding resistance bands to your Cable Rack weight stack will give you an ascending resistance. The further you move the more tension the band creates. This allows velocity to change and accelerate exactly the way the body naturally works to increase power. This neurologically teaches the body to accelerate force and is applicable to everyday life and sport.


The entire bundle will be delivered to your home free of charge.


The entire bundle will be mounted by our workers the same day of delivery.

Well, I think you have understood by now that you are not buying a cheap product but you are making an investment for your personal life that will last at least 20 years.

So I will be able to reveal the SPECIAL PRICE I have reserved for you ONLY if you immediately enter your details in the form below to be contacted.

Do you want more information on the original Younix Cable Rack bundle and how you could permanently change your physique from home?

Transform your body, today!

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The Cable Rack is likely to be exactly what you need to take control of your body.