A recent Nielsen study found that

Home fitness has increased by 50% today and 7 out of 10 people now regularly train at home

The Original Younix Cable Rack Machine is your complete home gym in just 5 square meters.

Watch the video now to find out how to transform your body into what you've always wanted, in the comfort of your own home.


Imagine you have just come out of the shower, and you step in front of the mirror and the gaze automatically falls on your body.

You smile as you realize that you have transformed your body into what you have always wanted, and you have so much energy that you feel you could conquer any task put in front of you.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Suppose you answered yes. You are probably not in the best shape of your life, or worse, you are in the worst form of your life. You may have been in the same condition for years now, and actually, you see your body, energy and health getting worse every day.



You've probably got tired of continuing to hit the gym, following the same program without seeing results. You no longer want to be ashamed of showing off a body that doesn't represent you.


Isn't that so?

Well, listen carefully to what I am about to tell you.

... I'm

Umberto Avino

founder of Younix. For more than ten years, my mission has been to help people improve their physical shape by creating revolutionary equipment designed and manufactured in Italy, supported with old school training methods that have been proven to work for decades.

I've helped more than 1.5000 entrepreneurs to open their gyms and my companies have served more than 15.000 customers including personal trainers, military, physiotherapists, sport centers and coaches.

I've estimated than more than 1 million people now train regularly with my equipment in over 50 countries worldwide.

Your Home Gym

A recent Nielsen study found that home fitness has increased by 50% today and 7 out of 10 people said they train at home at least once a month.

Most people who train at local fitness clubs or at home without any guidance, struggle to find the right motivation to stay consistent with their training and even risk getting injured.

Many people are happy with a 99$ fitness tool bought on Amazon, while most of us know that real training, the one that brings actual results, need to be done in a certain way where your body is challenged enough to produce concrete results.

you may be wondering:

" how can I do it alone, at home?"

I developed a revolutionary machine, however simple, but something that no one had thought of before:

...It combines free weights with unlimited cable exercises to get the best strength-building tools that can fit into any room at your home...

Like you, I imagined training anytime I wanted without losing time to drive to and back from the gym. I wanted to have everything I needed for strength training at home. Maximum comfort, no distractions, free equipment and my music playing in the background.

I know that this incredible Cable Rack bundle which includes an adjustable bench, barbell and plates, was not enough to achieve my goal to get back in shape

Together with my Education Team, we have set up a complete guide of 12 weeks training protocol built around the Cable Rack bundle to finally give you the body you have been dreaming of for too long now. All in the comfort of your home.

The original Younix

"Stronger You"

The ultimate guide to transform your body into what you are dreaming since too long. All in the comfort of your home.

The revolutionary 12-week Strength & Conditioning program tailored specifically for this bundle will help you dramatically increase your strength and endurance while losing excess fat.

Getting the physique you've always wanted is possible and can be done from your home, at any time and with made in Italy equipment, that I sell daily only in the best gyms in Dubai and Los Angeles hotels.

Are you looking for a low price?

We CANNOT help you!

Always looking for the lowest price almost never guarantees the best results. Indeed, it often does not lead to the desired fruits at all.

If you have already seen around some so-called "home equipment" for 2 / 3,000 €, I tell you clearly, you are not in the right place. With that price you take home a piece of equipment that will last you a short time and will inevitably work badly without a proper training program worthy of the change you have in mind.

This is called Professional Equipment, designed for large international clubs and made available to your home gym to get the body you've always wanted.

You see...

Sometimes people are looking for the shortcut, or they think they are smart and tricky thinking they know what is right for them but they don't know they are investing too little for the results they need.

I don't want to believe that you are not aware that by reducing the amount you invest, you are making concessions, sacrifices that make it more difficult to achieve your goals.

Is the shipment and transport to the floor included?

Yes, the shipment will be already included in the price. You will get right in front of your door ready to be installed.

Is the Installation included?

Sure! We thought of everything and include even the installation in the room of your house. Just log-in on our membership site and start your training!

Our Customers Love Us

"I had never thought of having an entire gym in 5 square meters that would work perfectly for me. Up to now I have been able to create over 50 different exercises to be performed super safely"

- Saso (Ljubljana, SLO)

"The Cable Rack bundle saved me the purchase of 3 machines because I have everything at my fingertips with this unique package and all in a small corner of my home. I don't need anything else."

- Michele La Mura (Napoli, IT)

"I finally managed to install really professional equipment even better than the gym I attended before! I finally train at home and I can't believe the results I'm getting."

- George Peeters (Bruxelles, BE)

"I recommend Younix, without a doubt. The perceived quality is very high: painting, pro look, but above all, their products inspire confidence during the toughest exercises, which is simply priceless."

- Amedeo Brunetti (Portici, IT)

"If you are looking around for a complete package like the Younix Cable Rack, I don't think you will find it at all. To find something slightly similar you are forced to spend a lot more. But believe me, even famous and very popular brands (I don't name a famous Italian company ...) often sin for quality and assistance. With a similar price to what you can spend on other sites, from Younix you take home a piece of equipment designed to last a long time in the context of commercial gyms! "

- Billy Willy (Auxerre, FR)

"The 6 products of the bundle have an unmatchable perceived quality and beauty but the 12-week program is what really helped me get back in shape. I feel like another person now, couldn't be happier of my drastic choice to definitely leave the gym."

- Andrea Ingrao (Nizza Monferrato, AT)

"This package is something that can truly change your life. It arrived within the set time and the Younix customer care has overwhelmed me for the effectiveness and the care it puts towards its customers. Younix has become a Guarantee for me. I'm looking forward to buying the rest of the accessories! "

- Guillaume Guillou (Hyéres, FR)

"Getting in the best shape of my life in the peace of my home is priceless. From the first day I installed it, I meticulously followed the 12-week training program: simple, straightforward and easy to understand. I feel much more confident now. Thanks Younix !!! "

- Giovanna (Napoli, IT)

"If you've always tried to do it alone, you can't understand what you're missing. I don't know mechanics and I can't say much about the equipment but I can say that is simply super cool. The fluidity of the movements and the ease of switching between one exercise after another allows you to follow the program perfectly and get back in shape in the comfort of your home."

- Marine (Lescar, FR)

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